Workout Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow – The Stairwell Workout

Workout Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow

When you’re desperate for a workout with your mate and it is rainig, windy and cold outside by the London Docks what do you do? Well we workout anytime, anywhere, anyhow so we used  the stairwell workout to get a sweat going

Using the Concept 2 rowing machine and a stair climber tucked into the landing of a stairwell we worked out hard. We did 500m on the rowing maching giving maximum effort aiming for around 1.40 – 2.00 minutes. the rower is a hard exercise hitting everything hard and you can see by the 3rd reo the intensity is dropping. (I forgot to video the first 2 rounds).

Workout Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow – The Stairwell Workout

While one is on the rower the other is on the staitclimber and the time spent on this is determined by the speed and effort of the rower. You’ve got to work hard because you don’t want your mate working too because of you.
It’s a cracking workout, good competition and great motivation.

My best time on the rower today was 1.44 minutes. My best ever is 1.38. I’m looking over the next few weeks to dip below 1.38 again.

Muscle Groups

Here’s the muscles groups the rowing machine hits, as you can see it’s an all over exercise, and let’s not forget the cardio benefits too!

  • upper back
  • pecs
  • arms
  • abdominal muscles
  • obliques
  • quadriceps
  • calves
  • glutes

It’s great if you are just starting out too, you don’t have to hit it hard, you can take it steady and build up. I find it’s one of the best machines/exercises for seeing progress – well certainly in my case.

When it come to the stair climber machine it has great benefits too such as an excellent cardio workout that’s easy on your joints. Because it’s a weight-bearing exercise it hits just about every muscle in your legs and bum at the same time.

When you’re getting a workout that hits just about every muscle group in the body, hits your cardio you’ve got a great workout indeed!


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