When Is Middle Age?

Knee Tape

Something to think about.

My mate said to me yesterday that middle age is about 40. He said if we think about it rationally, we expect to live till about 80 or 85, so 40 was about middle age.
Layed-out like that, I have to agree but…
I’ve always thought (and intend to) live till I’m 100. I’m 60 now, so numerically just past halfway. But I feel as fit as a fiddle and strong as an ox. I know my cardio is down a bit at the moment as I’ve been suffering from a knee injury.
Knee Tape - When is middle age?
The point is, all the studies show that if you work out – it doesn’t have to be lung-busting cardio either as a brisk walk will do. And, if you lift weights or regularly put your muscles under load, the health and well-being benefits are massive.
Let’s keep ourselves motivated to live a stronger and healthier lifestyle.
This article in Men’s Health magazine is worth a read about ‘The new middle age” Enjoy your weekend.

When Is Middle Age?

Middle age is a nebulous term—the Cambridge Dictionary defines it as “the period of your life, usually considered to be from about 45 to 60, when you are no longer young but are not yet old.”
By this definition, I’m enjoying my last year of middle age however, as I said above ‘I feel as fit as a fiddle and strong as an ox’. but, I do suffer injuries more often and they seem to last longer… I guess this is a sign that my body is slowing down?
The issue for me though and for many men I’ve talked to, sure, the body might be slowing down but the mind isn’t. We still feel young, and we still want our bodies to do the things it used to do. in fact we try and do those things. Admittedly, I can’t run across the road as quickly as I want to or am used to but I feel like I should be able to do that!
Men’s Health magazine surveyed a nationally representative sample of guys my exact age to learn about their fears and anxieties. Check them out here.

One of the main points I picked up was that 60% of middle-aged men thought they weren’t as fit as they hoped to be.

Another was ‘what is your most important goal with exercise? The answer was 34% wanted to feel more energetic.