The Benefits Of Yoga For Middle aged Men

Yoga for middle aged men

Hey guys, it doesn’t matter what your age is there’s no time like the present to start making healthier lifestyle choices. If you’re ready to feel better in your mind and body, yoga for middle aged men exists to serve both of these!Yoga for middle aged men

You probably already have a weekly workout routine that works for you – if you don’t we can help you with that. So when you start to include yoga session, even if it’s just once a week or after your workout, you’ll quickly start to see the benefits of yoga for blokes our age. There’s no denying yoga for middle aged men is good for the body, the mind and your spirit.


Yoga has multiple, far-reaching benefits for middle aged men, including improving your flexibility and range of motion, increasing the strength of your core and full body. It’s amazing how important a strong core is in supporting your body not only in exercise but in daily life. Yoga for middle aged men will help increase your endurance, improve bone density, contributes to system health and assist in correcting poor postural habits. It can also help you learn to relax, to concentrate and give you tools that will help you deal with daily stresses more easily.

Many of us spend our days sitting at a desk or hunched over a keyboard, so anything we can do to help improve our posture and increase our flexibility will benefit us daily.

Sound good? It’s never too late to start practising yoga, and with the huge range of styles and teachings available, you’re bound to find something that suits you perfectly.


Make a decision and start.

It really is that simple; decide to do it and get started. Wondering where to start? Well for that you can turn to You Tube with its myriad of yoga videos from 5 – 90 minutes long you’re spoiled for choice! Search yoga for middle aged men and you’ll see plenty of videos aimed at guys just like us. You can begin by just adding a short yoga sequence on to the end of your workout. Or, if you prefer in-person classes, sign up to one yoga class/week and you can grow from there. You’ll find classes everywhere!

Create balance.

I know a lot of blokes, my self included think of yoga as one-dimensional, a bit hippyish, but a balanced yoga routine will offer you strength, flexibility and include relaxation and meditation elements. It’s the combination of these that will help you create more balance in your body and mind. It ensures that you’re not overstimulating your sympathetic nervous system (responsible for the surges of energy) and not under stimulating it too. Yoga for middle aged men has many benefits.

Add, don’t replace.

Yoga is a cracking addition to a healthy and active lifestyle or even the base of making a change to that kind of lifestyle. However it shouldn’t replace what you’re already doing or be relied upon to give you everything you need! Add it, as part of your training not the whole of it!

Yoga can help your body recover from workouts and cope better with the stress and strains of working out, notice how many Premier League footballers and top athletes include yoga in their routines.

It’s great to practice for 20 or 30 minutes after you’ve hit the gym. It can also help you maintain mobility whilst you build muscle, so adding a hot yoga class once a week, for example, is going to do you wonders – I can vouch for that!

Meditation, (which I’ve never managed to do) even for just ten minutes a day, can also help improve your concentration and focus, and ease some of the stress of daily life.

Added together some yoga, some stretching and possibly a bit of meditation could mean your body will be a little looser and you’ll carry a little less tension in your daily life.

That sounds like a win, win situation to me!