7 Exercises on a Park Bench for Beginners

7 Exercises on a park bench for beginners


Why would 7 exercises on a park bench for beginners make a difference to your fitness?

Starting exercise in middle age can be difficult. Sometimes it’s the challenge of mind over matter, sometimes it’s simply knowing what exercises to do and sometimes it’s hard to realise you can’t do what you did 10 or 15 years ago.

It sucks!

But isisn’t over, I’m not saying it’s easy but check out this 45 yr old guy got fit here.

Starting slow and easy is a good way to get yourself back into exercising and losing weight. In this routine on a normal park bench I go through these 7 exercises on a park bench for beginners that can easily help you on your road to getting fit and staying healthy.

If you don’t have a park bench nearby, use a kitchen chair or even your stairs at home. If you want to exercise, there’s always a way to do it no matter where yu are. As I said at the start, it’s often the battle in your mind you have to overcome, but when you do take control it’s a great feeling.

Try out these 7 exercises on a park bench for beginners and leave me a comment. As you’ll see there are variations on each exercise to make them easier for those ejust starting.

Here’s the breakdown of the routine.

1. Squats
2. Toe taps
3. Incline press up
4. Dips
5. Leg kicks
6. Rear leg raise
7. Shoulder rotations

There’s lots more exercises and routines here. Check them out.