Outdoor Workout With a Mate, The Burpee Challenge

Burpee Challenge

Hopefully this outdoor workout with a mate doing the burpee challenge will inspire you to have a go. It’ss two middle aged blokes, one 44 and the other 58 having fun working out together.

Here we go at the burpee challenge and do 12 minutes and 130 burpees of various types.

Burpee with a plank x 10
Burpee with a push up x 10
Burpee with a plank x 10
Burpee with 2 push ups x 10
Burpee with a plank x 10
Burpee with 3 push ups x 10
Burpee with a plank x 10

Aand then do it again…

Mindset & Motivation For An Outdoor Workout With a Mate

If you think the first set was hard try it a second time, the plan is to build up to do it three times without stopping. Well, that’s my goal, my mate Mark from DocksideFitness is cracking through two sets without stopping, whereas an old bloke like me needs to catch his breath now and again. But that’s my motivation to get fitter, be stronger, live healthier and hopefully a bit longer.

I’ve already raised my game and incrreased my cardio fitness. Not too long ago after 8 – 10 burpees I would go anerobic leaving me gasping for breath and unable to carry on.

Support & Encouragement

It just goes to show that even at 58 you can improve your cardiovascular fitness aswell as your strength, it just takes a bit of effort, a good plan and some support. That’s why an outdoor workout with a mate is fun, but it’s also motivational. I admit I’m probably never going to be as fit as my mate who is 14 years younger than me and a full time personal trainer, but it’s something to aim for and someone to encourage and support me.

There’s a saying, ‘use it or lose it’, this could not apply more to your body. Sit on the couch all day and watch your muscles fade away but, if you use them, work them and push them they will respond – you just need to use them?

It’s never to late

Middle Aged Men’s Health And Fitness is all about encouraging and inspiring men of mildly advancing years toOutdoor workout wirh a mate with MiddleAgedMensHealthandFitness.com get up and do it. Whether it’s canoeing down the canal, running up and down fells, lifting weights or getting functionally fit. Let’s not sit on our arses and do nothing, lets live and enjoy a healthier life!

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