Awesome Workouts in the Park

Workout in the park

Workouts in the Park

Just because we’re in our middle years doesn’t mean we should be healthy and fit and enjoy working out.
In this video I run you through the equipment I used and in the description below I show you what the workout routine was.

Being fit, eating healthy and losing weight is great motivation for an awesome workout.

Exercising outside is brilliant, getting close to nature without any noise or listening to your music, either way it’s a totally different feeling from exercising inside.

With gym’s closed and working out at home the norm these days why not expand your horizons and workout in the park? We normally think of and expect to see people jogging in the park and open spaces but even taking 10-15 minutes to stretch or mobilise is refreshing and vitalising. You’ve probably of ‘forest bathing‘ where people lay in the woods among the trees and relax. It’s a well known therapy practice in Japan that aids in relaxation.

The point is, the experiences are very similar, getting close to nature and allowing yourself to relax and settle is theraputic in the stresses of everyday urban life.

Warm Up
15 minute of stretching, mobilising and shadow boxing, running on the spot etc.

Viper x 3
15 x clean and press
15 x single arm bicep curl
15 x shoulder press
15 x bent over row

Kettle bell x3
15 x deep squat bell held on chest with 2 hands
15 x double arm swing

Mobility x 3
Run 150 meters
Side shuffle x 25
Front lunge x 24
Band work stretching shoulders and back

Cool Down
Walk 200 meters
Bar hang 55 second aiming for 2 minutes
Wooden pole stretch routine 18 minutes

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