Low Impact Cardio + Injuries

Low Impact Cardio + Injuries


Injuries and aches and pains are a fact of life as you start to get older. Being a middle aged man I kind of expect it but…

When an injury affects your training you have to take note of it. Look after yourself and find anothet exercise or type of training to do in the meantim such as low impact cardio. Injuries don’t mmean no training, it simply¬† means adjusting your training. I’m aiming at a low impact cardio workout to protect an achillies tendon injury. My mission today is to workout in a low impact cardio style. Fortunately the gyms have reopened again so there’s lots of choices of exercises to do.

Here I plan to do 20 minutes on the Watt bike, 20 minutes on the Concept 2 rowing machine and 20 minutes and the stair climber. What actually happens is a super hard 20 minutes on the Watt bike, about a minute on the stairclimber as it aggravated my achillies tendon and I did 4 x 500M rows on the rowing machine.

I was pooped after that so then did my abs and some stretchig and mobilising.

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